Kassel 1815- Dusseldorf 1911

Animated view of a village on the Rhine. Signed and dated 1848. Oil on canvas. Original frame.

Size: H 36cm x W 80cm - H 67cm x W 110 cm 

German School

Andreas Achenbach was a German artist, best known as "the father of 19th-century German landscape painting”. Born on September 29, 1815 in Kassel, Germany, Achenbach began his artistic career through studies at the renowned Dusseldorf Academy of Art at the early age of 12. Among his teachers were Heinrich Christoph Kolbe, Carl Friedrich Schaeffer and Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, the most famous landscapist in town. Originally leaning toward Romanticist tendencies, extensive travel to the North Sea, the Baltic sea and as far as Goteborg in Sweden (1835) transformed Achenbach's aesthetic into the dramatic landscapes he is recognized for today. He will travel to Munich and Frankfurt but will quickly return to Dusseldorf and will only travel shortly in Holland, Norway, Paris and Italy. He was the first artist of the Düsseldorf school to paint nature for its own sake. His views of the stormy North Sea, of Dutch canals and of Rhineland villages contrasted favourably with the Italian themes painted by a large number of German painters drawn to Italy, among them his brother Oswald. The artist died on April 1, 1910 in Düsseldorf,

Achenbach's works at the the Berlin National Gallery and the New Pinakothek in Munich.