Size: H 21,5 cm x W 34cm x P 31cm open 50cm

Maison Vervelle in Paris, 1 rue Neuve Montmorency. During the Empire period, 1804-1825.

Lit: The Vervelle house was founded by Jean-Francois Jean-Francois Vervelle in 1804. Their specialty was small luxury furniture, boxes and boxes the most diverse, the cabinetry of taste and fantasy in short. Established on rue Neuve Montmorency 1, the house moved to 11 and 14 rue Feydeau in 1825. It counted in 1840 nearly a hundred workers. He made fancy furniture, wedding baskets, liquor cabinets, kits and travel kits. In 1830 he published the bulletin of the novelty store, containing the nomenclature of all the small objects he made. The VERVELLE house was then firmly established, it knew how to manufacture high quality objects working ebony, tortoiseshell, rosewood, rosewood to make original shapes. He inserts copper, ivory and mother-of-pearl. He participated in the exhibitions of 1827, 1844 and the Universal Exhibition of Paris of 1855, where he won honorary awards. In the same year 1855, the company was taken over by Henry AUDOT who changed the name to "Audot Dallongeville" in 1856.