Charles X period

Stunning figural gilt bronze clock  representing "Flora", godess of Spingtime. Flora is a Roman deity, goddess of fertility, agrarian harvests and wild flowers. In Ancient Rome, every year in April, the goddess was celebrated during five days, the Floralies, destined to favor the harvests. She is sitting holding a horn of plenty, wearing an antique gown while her foot touches a shell. She shows a branch and next to her, a celestial globe with the zodiac signs of the springtime. The rectangulant stepped plinth and drum case are. White enamel dial with roman numerals, signed for Charles Gottsleben in Paris. Movement with silk suspension. Original mercury fire gilding. This is a rear piece.

Size: H 66cm x W 42cm x D 14cm

French School, 1820-1830.

Illustrated twice in the Encyclopedia of French clocks.