An antique art gallery in the heart of Brussels since 1989

Welcome in our gallery where the time has stopped for you to enjoy the marvels we've been passionately collecting for over 40 years.

"What really makes sense in the art, is the joy. You do not need to understand.
What you see makes you happy? That's all there is. - Constantin Brâncuși


You will find here a selection of paintings shown in our gallery. We offer a variety of works that will take you through the most important schools of paintings of Europe : Belgian, French, Italian, German, Austrian, Dutch and many others. All of our paintings are original, qualitative works of art.


The 19th century French furniture: very decorative, sometimes opulent. Made according to tradition, they are polished, showing marquetry and decorated with gilt bronze. Here are our commodes, tables, cabinets and seats.


"Porcelain, more precious than gold itself"

Looking for a cup in Pate tendre of the 18th century? A Meissen figure? An impressive pair of crates vases? You will find it here. Pieces of the most prestigious European manufactories such as Sèvres, Paris, Meissen, Vienna, Louis Cretté, Frédéric Faber in Brussels and many others.


Beauty doesn't lie in the value of the metal, but in the work of the silversmith.


Classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Orientalism. The 19th century knows a variety of influences and artistic movements, sources of inspiration for sculptors. Here is our collection of marbles, bronzes, bisques and terracottas by the masters such as Carpeaux, Carrier-Belleuse, Mercié, Lambeaux, Marioton, Moreau and many others.

Clocks and garnitures

Mesuring time, a good excuse to make extroardinary decorative pieces. The French were especially creative when it came to make mantel clocks, garnitures or cartel clocks. The finest material was used by the clockmakers, collaborating with artists, manufactories and goldsmiths. Here is our selection.


Surprising and unclassifiable items.
Here is a selection of beautiful objects that will arouse your curiosity.

The gallery is open from the 1st of December 2020! / Dec 01 2020

It is with great pleasure that we can welcome you again in the gallery from this tuesday 1st of December! 

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Want a valuation? / Dec 23 2015

L'Egide antiques provide you with a free valuation of your item by email or personally in the gallery. Written valuation is also possible. Ask us!

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