First part of the 19th century

This vase is a model of Claude Ballin (1615-1678) after engravings of Le Pautre dating back to 1673.

This version in gilt bronze 19th century presents in the medallion a compass and a wreath of oak and laurel,

republican symbols borrowed to Freemasonry.

Dim: H 45 cm x W 40 cm
Dim the square base: 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm

A pair of vases were destined for the North side of the gardens of Versailles, still visible today. The medallion on the body of the vase was decorated with the arms of France and Navarre, cleared in 1793 and replaced with a lictor's fasces surrounded by oak leaves. The Phrygian cap was scratched during the Restoration.

Sevres produce a version in hard porcelain blue background during the Second Empire.