Art Nouveau period

Beautiful basket on a piedouche surmounted by a lady dressed in drapery holding a laurel crown up. 

Size: H 28cm -diameter: 25cm

Silversmith Jacob Posen, 800/°° Germany. Jugendstil period. 

Lit: The firm was founded in Frankfurt on the Main in 1869 by Brendina Wetzlar, the widow of Lazarus Jacob Posen, a silversmith and retailer of Polish descent. Under the widow Posen’s stewardship, the firm became the largest supplier of Judaica in the late 19th century. Her son Jacob L. Posen joined the firm by 1880, and by 1900, the company’s staff of chasers and engravers were producing some of the finest silver in the country. They received a royal warrant in 1903. In the 20th century the firm was under the direction of Brendina’s grandsons Jakob, Hermann and Moritz Posen. The exact date of the company’s closure is unknown.