Mid 19th century

“Dresse d’appui” furniture, bearing the mark of Mathieu Béfort (1816 - active until 1880), known as BEFORT JEUNE. Beautiful furniture in black veneer, the door is adorned with marquetry of marbles, “Pietra dura”. Rich bronze ornamentation, like the laurel frieze and frieze of acanthus leaves. Foliage on the door sides  ending with busts of children. On the sides, masks of men topped with foliage and flowers. Base plinth cut out. Topped with a black marble from Belgium. Marks of the cabinet maker on several hidden places, behind the bronzes.

Measurement: H 110 cm x W 85 cm x D 45cm

Liter: Mathieu Béfort, known as Béfort Jeune (1813-1880), son of the famous Parisian cabinetmaker Jean-Baptiste Béfort works from 1844 to 1880 in rue Neuve Saint-Gilles. He produced "Boulle" furniture and Louis XIV style cabinets.