Mid 19th century

Rare gueridon table in maghogany and porcelain plates. Circular top inses a big shallow dish painted with a portrait of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in coronation costume, after the original portrait by Gérard François.

The 12 small plaques are mounted into the important gilt bronze framing separated by imperial hawks and presented like a clock dial.
They depict: Le maréchal Lannes, M & Mm Murat, Le Roi de Rome, Le maréchal Ney, Hortense de Beauharnais, le général Lasalle, Pauline Bonaparte, Le maréchal Suchet, Josephine Bonaparte, le général Junot & Marie Louise Bonaparte.

The mahogany base is embellished with gilt bronze lion claws, swan handles & Napoléon's numeral.

French fabrication

Measurments: H 75cm - Ø: 85cm