(Brussels 1856-1921)

Large portrait of a beautiful girl posing with her toys and doll. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated April 1896 low right. Beautiful antique frame.

Measurements: H 120cm x W 77cm  - H 150cm x W 106cm

Belgian School of the late 19th century.

Lit: François-Joseph Halkett was a Belgian painter, a student at the School of Fine Arts in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and at the Brussels Academy (October 1877-May 1880) with Jean Portaels, Joseph Van Severendonck and Joseph Stallaert. His classmates were Willy Finch, Fernand Khnopff, Dario De Regoyos, James Ensor and Eugene Broerman. He begins in 1877 with still life painting and portraits. Around 1880 appear paintings with social subjects. Member of the association of artists "L'Essor" as early as 1882. In 1883, he stayed for a while in Paris where he worked with J. Lefèbvre and G. Boulanger. In 1888, he married and moved to Ixelles (Brussels). In 1919, he is president of the "Free Art" Circle. Predilection for domestic paintings, interiors, portraits still lifes, seascapes and landscapes. He will paint often his family especially his daughters Alice and Lucie. Participates at many salons.