Paris 1846- 1932

Very large and exquisite bronze of a young man harpooning fish. He sits on a rock with waves bouncing on the base. Beautiful anatomy. Strong expression. Great quality of chasing. Black patina.

Size: H 110 cm

The model is from 1896. Signed on the terrace.

French School

Lit: Ferrand participates regularly to the Salon from 1882, he presents allegories and figures such as: "Retour des champs"(back from the fields) bronze bust in 1884, "le Bout de l'oreille (the tip of the ear) (plaster) in 1886, Le Repos de Diane (plaster) in 1888, L'Indiscrète (bronze) 1890, Rose perdue (bronze group) in 1892, Le Guetteur (plaster) in 1896, Gloria Labor (plaster) in 1905 and Le Chasseur (the hunter), 117cm.