Paris 1857 - 1933

Bronze with brown sheen of "Le lancer" ( throwing it). An oriental falconer is streching his arm to launch an falcon. He carries a riffle on his back and has several sabers slipped into his belt. Very large bronze, beautiful quality of chasing and patina. Very good condition.

Size: H 103cm

French School of the late 19th century.

Litt. Eugène Marioton, Claudius's brother, began his career as a sculptor and engraver of medals to finally move to allegorical, antique and romantic subjects and portraits. He enjoys a great reputation throughout his career and exhibits, especially bronzes, at the Salon from 1882. He works, among others, with the founders Jollet, Colin and Siot-Decauville. His masterpiece is the bronze "Zephyr" (H 2m35) located square Pasteur in Paris. Other works in the museums of Orsay, Rouen, Roubaix, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Toronto (CAN).